Imprint Cutters for Icing

Hi, I am printing off some cutters with stamps that I want to sell. I make these for myself for cakes but I have had a few people ask for them. Is there any way to change settings on Cura to get a smoother back on these without so many little fibres for me to tidy up? These are 2 printed today via cookie CAD to Cura, I would just like the inside back piece to be smoother but just have no idea what to do to make it better

What kind of filament are you using?

You can try reducing your flow rate by 5% and see how that affects it. Cura also has an ironing option which will run the hotend slowly over the top layer to smooth it. But first I would work on whatever is causing this.

HI Nathan

I am using Polymaker Mette PLA Fillament 1.75mm

Make sure to turn Combing to “Not in Skin”. This will prevent the nozzle from running along that area (the skin) making scars.