Category Topics


Use this category to discuss Cookiecad! That includes Cookiecad Designer and Library. If you are looking for assistance it may be helpful to share screenshots. You can also share a link to your cutter by clicking “share link” next to the download STL button in Cookiecad. Keep in mind sharing the link will share it publicly.

3D Printing

Use this category to discuss and get help with 3d printing, slicing and filament. If you are looking for help with a 3d printing post photos of the issue, which slicer you are using and any other relevant information.

Cookiecad Filament

This category is for questions and discussions about Cookiecad Filament.

Share your Designs

Share your designs with others! You can share images that people can use in Cookiecad - or you can use the “share link” button in cookiecad to directly share a design with the right settings.

Introduce Yourselves

Welcome to the Cookiecad Forums! Please remember to be kind, in words and tone. Please introduce yourselves! Here you can tell us about yourself, what you do and link your shops. After that check out the 3d printing category for general 3d printing discussion and help or the Cookiecad category for help with using Cookiecad.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.