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-Nathan & Melissa

hiya i am in Scotland and just found this super site. I run a dog rescue and impossible to find suitable items for my needs. I hope to learn a lot from this site and hope to read many posts to help me understand things. I dont have a printer so this is the best solution i have come across. any help for me as a newbie welcome


Hey there, My name is Tanja from the south of germany. I decorated cookies a couple of years and sold them on my online website and then stopped due to my main work. Now i m searching for a new and different approach in cookie designing and will order a printer very soon. Which printer do you have? Creality ender 3 pro seems to be quite popular. Appart from that i m so happy about cookie cad and the community. So glad to be here. :hugs:Tanja

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Hi! There is a discussion here on people’s favorite 3d printers!

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Hello from Minnesota! I live in a little town of 300 people so there isn’t much to do, especially in the winter! My cousin who lives nearby recently bought a 3D printer so I decided to design my own cookie cutters. Let me tell ya, I am SO incredibly grateful that I came across CookieCad! I saw the value in it right away and signed up for the Premium paid version! I can’t wait to see what other features become available in the future. One thing I would LOVE to see is being able to label the cutter here in CookieCad! I have been unable to figure out how to in other Cad softwares.
I look forward to being a part of this community! Since I am new I may not have much wisdom to add but I will try and contribute whenever I can!

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Happy New Year !!

I love to bake and create (almost anything, except metalworks). I streamlined my cake business to small cakes, “Cookies” and custom greeting cards this past year. I have purchased the yearly pass of the last two cookie-a-thons held by, The Colourful Cookie. - My interest in cookies has expanded into designing my own cookie cutters; this is where Cookiecad comes into play.
–Now that I have designed a few cutters I need help uploading them to Cookiecad so they can print them for me. I recently purchased the cookie cad premium membership plan. –
( I’ve put off purchasing a 3D printer due mostly to cost and delivery to Canada; this may change depending on my cookie sales. )

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We’re working a way to label your cutter now! Currently, you can add text to a bar. Check the tutorial here: https://scribehow.com/shared/CADit__Cookiecad_Designer__How_to_add_text_to_a_bar__fKJTOf-5QZKujNHWasopLw

If you are interested use the link on the top of the page to join the Cookiecad Discord and I’ll walk you through it.