Ambulance Cutter

Hey all. This site is so cool!{"purchaseSize"%3A3,"cutterSize"%3A152.4,"sizeType"%3A"longest","interiorType"%3A"cutterStamp","imprintDepth"%3A4.5,"bladeDepth"%3A12.5,"bladeThickness"%3A"0.6","extraBladeDepth"%3A11.9,"extraBladeThickness"%3A0,"baseHeight"%3A"2.5","baseWidth"%3A"3","horizontalBarWidth"%3A0,"verticalBarWidth"%3A0,"units"%3A"inches","invertInterior"%3Afalse,"offsetIn"%3Afalse,"offsetInner"%3A-0.25,"forceSolidBar"%3Afalse,"mirror"%3Afalse,"removeImprintBase"%3Afalse,"stampCutterTolerance"%3A"0.8","stampBackHeight"%3A"3","stampImprintHeight"%3A3,"deleteOuterPath"%3Afalse,"cutterSet"%3Afalse,"userSize"%3A6,"currentStlOutputFile"%3A"bfd030a2371240558ed5d9beeade2d1e%2050W%20V8.stl","name"%3A"Ambulance"}

I have been pestering my husband to make me some custom cutters with the new 3D resin printer he got for Christmas but he has been too busy so I decided to do it myself. I was going to try to learn to use some other CAD software for general 3D printing but then I found this site and it simplified everything for me so much. I’m really impressed at how user-friendly and attractive this site is.

Anyway, I am a medical student and I make cookies as thank you gifts for the doctors and nurses for each of my clinical rotations. I am on emergency medicine right now and I wanted an ambulance cutter with a good amount of detail to guide my icing. I found a clipart photo and made the cutter I have attached.

Stay tuned for more medical-related cutters like lungs, kidneys, IV bags etc. So fun!

Thanks again!


That’s great! Thank you for sharing.