Best Setting for Cookie Cutter + Stamp on Cura

Hi, I am printing cookie cutters with stamps for customers and I am using an Ender 5 and Cura. Now something like this angel is taking almost 3 hours to prints and things like Santa and elf faces too. Is there a really good quality setting on cura that anyone can recommend so they print a bit faster so I can get more printed off per day? My current settings are Super Quality .12mm. I have tried other quality prints like Dynamic and Standard which are still printing nicely but still take quite a while. I am setting the cutter on Cookie Cad to 8mm deep, 0.8 thickness, 2mm imprint depth, 3mm height x 3.5mm depth so they are sturdy. I want nice smooth prints which I get on my current settings but would like to do them faster

You can increase your layer thickness with no real drop in quality since there aren’t any vertical details. Try setting layer height to 0.28 or even 0.32 and that should increase the speed.

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Sorry only seeing this now. Thank you so much, I will try that