Bevel - adding more blades

I was thinking of how I could design cookie cutters with a beveled blade. I have found my cuts come out cleaner with a beveled blade when cutting clay. I was thinking if I made several layers and each layer gradually got higher that would create the bevel. I have not tried it yet - because it seems like a lot of work. But if this sounds feasible - I think it woule be a great feature for CC.

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I have been wanting to know the same thing but no reply.

Hi - this has been requested on our feature request topic. There is no way to do it now but we will be adding it in the future.


Hey Nathan! New here on the forum and a beveled blade->handle is number 1 thing Iā€™m looking for right now. Is there any update or ETA around this feature?

Hey, welcome! No update on that yet.