Blade sizing issues

I am uploading several things with two blades. They look great once downloaded but everything I have printed the cutting edge is .2 which sounds great and is but it is super thin. I chose the blade to be .7 with an extra blade of .4. Does this have to do with the size line of the drawing that I am uploading? I have several good slicer profiles but they all print with .2mm walls for the blade. Please help :frowning:

Are you saying the physical cutter comes out with a 0.2mm blade?

Are you resizing the cutter in the slicer?

The physical cutter comes out with the blade of 0.2mm. Super odd. I am not resizing anything in cura but have noticed the height isn’t accurate either from my file. I am designing on procreate. Do you think my lin3 size isn’t thick enough?