Can I request a feature for the site? An option to design open center cutters

I have to say I love this program!! You guys are awesome but I wanted to request a feature that I’m sure would be a big hit if you decided to add it to the site.

I would LOVE if you were to create an option to design open center cutters and imprint cutters.

I use this program to design cutters for clay and have been trying to design a hoop like design with the center completely cut out but the program doesn’t work like that. it only imprints the line instead of removing it. While I can go and create a second cutter for the purpose of cutting out the center of the first design. It would be incredibly efficient if there were a feature for that.

Please let me know if this is something possible for the future.

Thanks for all of your hard work


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Hi Chelsea,

You can do this today. Here is a guide: How to create a 3d printed doughnut cutter with center cut out using Cookiecad


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Thank you so much for responding and showing me this!! Your are my favorite person today!!

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