Center bars inside undesired areas

Seems like something has changed around centre bars in CookieCAD…

Attaching a photo of two letter “o”'s from CookieCAD.
The “good” one (green) is from mid January and the “bad” on (pink) is from today, yesterday was the same.
In the good one, the centre bar does not pass through the centre of the “o” that they are supporting, but it does pass through the bad one.
I’ve checked my settings and I don’t see anything different.

Has something changed in CookieCAD?

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 5.22.50 PM|690x398

this happened to me as well and i was talking to customer service, they said it looks like a bug and looking into it.

Hi - this has been fixed now. Please try and it and let me know if it is working properly for you.

Hi, it’s working for me.
Thank you so much!!