Clay Cutter Settings

Sorry if I don’t make sense!

I am struggling to find the right settings to make clay cutters. I have an Ender 3 with a 0.4mm nozzle. I thought it was the nozzle, but it can make thinner lines like I want for sharp edges. I even purchased a Cura “settings guide” from a clay cutter maker and it didn’t do what I wanted.

I know the Ender 3 can make the thin lines. When it did it’s test print, it did one thin line. But then it only makes it thick on the actual cutter. So essentially it’s like a double line.

The gray cutter is a purchased one and blue is mine. I want a thin cutter like the gray.

What is your blade and extra blade thickness?

For a thin cutter like the one on the right try setting blade to 0.4 or 0.5 and turn off extra blade (if the cutter ends up weak you can then try adding extra blade). In your slicer turn on the thin wall setting.

I think I did .4 for both. Then I did one without the extra blade and it was the same thickness.

I have a same problem. i cant calculate the thickness :frowning: i dont know why… can you help us please.
By the way i really like to use cookiecad <3 thanks for thşs awsome website. i hope we can use every time. many thank

Share a link to the cutter you are having trouble with. Click share next to download.

@hanau110603 If you have a calipers you can measure the two cutter thicknesses. It is possible the thinner one was made with a smaller nozzle. If you share your cutter I can take a look.

I hate to be this person but… I’m a newbie at this printing clay cutters thing. I just want to print my own, not for resale. How in the world did you set the settings for these little guys? All I get is stringing and if I don’t get stringing, I get blobs all the way up the seam, like where the layer starts (not stops). How do I fix this? I’m so sad and frustrated!

I am not a 3D printing expert, but I have been trying to print cutters this year and had a lot of troubleshooting to do, so just sharing experience. In the slicer profile settings, make sure your line width is not above your blade thickness. Also a 0.4mm nozzle may print above 0.4mm. As the PLA extrudes and cools, it gets slightly bigger, so you may need a smaller nozzle to get ultra thin blades. I find using cookie cad, you can get the thin blade, it depends on your profile settings. You may ultimately need a thinner nozzle to get 0.4 or below.

You might want to try 0.45 or 0.5 for blade thickness. The flow of melted filiment that comes out of your nozzle will be slightly thicker than the nozzle size and the printer may be trying to compensate.

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