Cookie Cutter Name

Wish list item!!!

Will there be a version that will allow users to add the cutter name to the actual cutter?


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Here is one way you can do it now: How to add text to a cookie cutter using CADit | Cookiecad Help Center


I’ll give it a try. I was using Fusion-360 to design my cutters with text and curved top plate, but if your web site can do it, that can be a lot easier. Hopefully see you in Austin at Cookie Con in September. I have purchased two printers now, a Prusa MK4 and a Bambu X1C thanks to you showing me you’re printing the one time at Cookie Con. If you remember, you gave my wife a dragon that you made. She is in charge of the vendors, and I’m in charge of the security. I’ve also been using a lot of your filament, and pushing it on other websites as I love the way it prints. I would love to see where you have all the basic colors so I could use your filament as my go-to for most my printing. For example Brown, blue, etc etc Thanks again… Greg

Oh, I’m so glad you picked it up!

I am not sure what our plans are for September, it’s a busy time for us unfortunately. We’ll definitely see you at one of the future cookie cons. Melissa says hi, please tell your wife too!

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