Cookie cutter problems!

I was wondering if anyone can help me. Why isn’t my cutter cutting sharply enough? Is there something wrong with my settings?
And when the hearts come out I have to trim off dough.

My blade width is .5mm

To start let’s make sure the printed blade ended up actually being 0.5mm. Did you resize the cutter in the slicer? Do you have extra blade turned on?

I do believe he resized the cutter in the slicer. My cousin prints cutters for me. Does that change the size of the blade?
I do have the extra blade on.

Yes you do not want to change the size of the cutter in the slicer, it will change the size of everything including the blade thickness. If you want the cutter to be a different size you need to make the STL again in the new size so that the blade thickness remains the same.