Could y'all help me with my stamp?

I’m trying to make a stamp of a couples’ names and the wedding date. It all looks fine in photoshop and in my slicer (Simplify 3D, and I also tried it in Cura - appears to be the same thing). Unfortunately, when I print it, the tops and bottoms of the letters don’t print (and also the top layers) - and I can’t figure out why - it’s driving me crazy!! Here’s the actual stamp (I know, I forgot to remove the outline), but also, I also have photos of the preview of the print in the slicing program and what I uploaded but this forum will only let me add one photo…


This is what the file looked like uploaded before slicing:

After slicing - looks like this:

Could there be a detect thin walls setting that may need to be turned on? I know with thin fonts sometimes that needs to be done.

The letters are too thin to slice/print with your nozzle size. Make it thicker by using experimental settings → thicken interior features in Cookiecad. I’ve found 0.3 mm usually makes it printable but perhaps you could do a little less if that is too thick.

And like @kristi.bundick said, make sure you have detect thin walls or print thin walls turned on in your slicer.

Thanks for y’all’s suggestions - I messed around with those settings and never got a good result with that font - so I switched to a “cleaner” font and got something I can work with. I’m going to keep working on this issue :slight_smile:

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hi Julie, I have recently found out that to do thin writing like this i had to use a .2 nozzle as the .4 was to thick, but if you do get a.2 nozzle you need to change it in your settings from a .4 to a .2

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Hi, Debbie…Can you share the settings you use in .2mm nozzle? THanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Same settings as .4mm my speed is 60, just remember to change in your setting to a .2