Creating a cutter with an inside cut area

I was trying to create a cutter that I was able to create in the past. Now it appears that I am unable to create the crescent shape at the top of this image. If I upgrade will I be able to create the cutter as drawn.

Hi casswms!

There are a couple of things that could be happening here. I noticed with your image that the crescent only appears as a cutout when you select Imprint Cutter or Cutter+Stamp as the “Thing to Make”. The crescent also disappears when the cutter is too small - try 2" or bigger to get the crescent shape to show up.

If you want to do the crescent as a cutout instead of an imprint, select Imprint Cutter and then scroll down and select “Edges Only”, which will create both the pick shape and the crescent. You can then add a center bar to attach both pieces - I’d recommend a vertical bar.

Let us know if that works!