Cura settings problem

hi, i still have problem with cura settings. Can you help with cura settings? for nozzle 4

Can you post a photo of your problem? What kind of printer do you have? You should start with a Cura profile for your printer.

These dots are huge. and thickness is 0.6 in cookiecad but it is thicker in 3d

That looks like a bulging seam. You can try researching / playing with coasting to see if that helps. Check if “retraction extra prime” is set and if it is you can try reducing it.

Create a profile using these settings and see if this works for you -

So I am having the same issues as the OP shared and I just entered your numbers into my Cura profile. The only issue I have is the selections that say “calculated” on your images… I actually need a number to fill there on mine. I am brand new to 3D printing and also a clay maker :slight_smile: TIA for the help.

Where is says calculated - it should auto populate by CURA. If it doesn’t then I assume you have not typed in all the info needed. I wish I had more- I am also new to CURA

May I know what size of nozzle you are using? thank you

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Thank you Sucorra for your settings! It helped tons and regained my confidence to not give up on the 3d printintg!