Cura Slicer settings

I just got my anycubic mega S and it uses Cura slicer. Can anyone recommend settings for cookie cutters? I’m brand new to PLA printer, only used Resin printer before.

Hello, here are the settings i use for 0.4 nozzle on a bowden printer:

Layer height: 0.32
Line Width: if the cutter blade has 0.48mm thickness i use a 0.45 line width
Wall line count: 1
Infill density: 50%
Infill pattern: lines
Temp: 212
Print speed: 25mm/s(this can vary depending on the quality of the printer)
Retraction distance: 6mm
Retraction speed: 25mm/s
Enable print cooling: Disabled

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Are you still using these same settings?

Hi, im not printing much cookie cutters nowadays but this are the updated settings on Prusa slicer:




Everything else default settings

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