Cutter Blade Splitting

Can someone please help me. I have this problem with my cutting blade splitting. I have 2 machines, a Creality and and older Wanhao. At first it only did it on the Creality but now the problem migrated to the other machine as well. We have tried to change settings like increasing the temp, enable thin walls, lowered the speed, made infill 100% and I still have this issue.
I use Cura to slice.
Is there any other things I can try?


It could be a loose belt like it was in this thread: Cutter not fusing all the way around. Does it only happen in one direction or are the top/bottom walls also splitting? If it is only one direction that would suggest a loose belt.

It could also happen if your cutter blade thickness and line width in Cura don’t line up. What is your blade thickness in cookiecad? What is your line width in Cura? Have you changed the blade width in Cookiecad recently? Do old STLs that used to print ok still print ok or do those split too?

It can also happen from under extrusion - you can try increasing the flow in Cura.

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Hi Nathan
thank you for responding. the split happens on all sides, but if I print the same cutter again the split is on a different spot. Some cutters are slit all around, others are just a small section.

I think its a setting problem as both my machines does that. My line width on Cura is 0.5mm. I make my blade thickness in Cookiecad 1mm. I make a solid cutting edge I dont use the extra blade option.

Did you change your line width or blade thickness in Cookiecad when this started?

Try setting the line width in Cura to 0.54 instead. If that doesn’t work increase flow by 5%. Let me know.

Hi Nathan, I’m having the same problem as Riana, and i increased what you suggested but no luck.
I have tighten the belts and changed the nozzle twice and nothing.

If you can post a photo of your issue it can help. If it is consistent you can also try increasing your flow rate in your slicer as it may be underextruding. You can also ask for help in our discord at, if you do show a photo and perhaps someone will have ideas.