Cutter not printing with a smooth blade outline

Hey there, Ive printed 3 cutters so far and they are all coming out with a little blob like imperfection on the blade. It appears to be from where the nozzle starts and finishes as it adds each layer of filament. Is there a way to get rid of this. Im using the ender 3 v2, nozzel temp 200, bed 60.

my blade thickness is 0.6mm which is perfect strength. I tried uploading a pic but since im a new user it wont let me.

Hey - you can post a photo to our discord (Cookiecad). In general, the seam is a little tough to get right with the Ender 3 because they don’t have a feature called ‘linear advance’ in their firmware by default.

You can try playing with the extra prime setting, which will add or remove a little bit of filament when retracting (like at a seam) - make it positive to add filament, negative to remove. You would generally want to remain within +/- 0.2 mm

Newbie here but from what I’ve read you should look into changing the z-seam setting. Changing it to ‘sharpest point’ or random could help

You could see if your 3D printer can link with the slicer called Cura… it has lots of extra settings others dont.

Thanks you I was able to get a figured out a day or so after posting this. After trying so many things . The only thing that worked was disabling the resume for is I have a power outage. The exact name escape me at this time. Thank you for you help.