Cutter separation

Hello! Not sure how this works, I hope my photo came through??? I have an Ender pro printer and recently my cutters have been not sealing at the end so there is separation. So the part of the cutter you cut with has some gaps and dough gets in and it doesn’t cut clean.

It is not all the way around, but has some gaps. My print quality on the cutters has gone down also, it’s not as clean and looks way more messy is spots…not sure the issue. I just changed the nozzle and it did not fix it.

I do not know much about these printers so I trouble shoot the best I can via Google. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

You can search the forum for cutter splitting, this is a common issue. 9/10 times it is due to loose belts. Look up a video on tightening your belts. CHEP and The Edge of Tech have great Ender videos.