"Cutter+stamp" info

Hi Nathan,
i will thank you forever for your excellent tool !

Just a question about the “Cutter+Stamp” option: I see that the cutter is following the stamp perimeter, anyway, is it possible to exclude some area from the stamp in order to have a more smoothly shape for the cutter?

I have a attached an example and I wold like to pass from image 1 to image 2

Thanks again!

Hi, yes you can just upload image 2! If you seal off that gap in your source image then the cutter will follow that path.

If you don’t want the outer edge to be part of your stamp you have two options. Option 1) If the stamp is unconnected to the outer wall use the “delete outer edge option”. Option 2) If your outer edge is connected to your inner wall like in your image, then make sure your outer edge is thin in the source image and use “experimental features → offset in”. @NApter

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Hi Nathan! Thank you again for your support and your fantastic project! :100: