Cutter & Stamp Option - Stamp printing solid

Hi Everyone…

Love this service and it’s been very useful. I’ve now had this issue twice and not sure what to do.
When I select the Cutter & Stamp option, after slicing in Creality Slicer the preview is perfect but unfortunately when I print, the inside “stamp” part is printing as a solid block.

Any assistance would be great…

Creality doesn’t show the sliced preview by default. Make sure you click ‘preview’ in the slicer to see the sliced preview. Can you share a screenshot of that view?

My understanding is that creality slicer is an old version of Cura. I would recommend you use the latest Cura instead of Creality Slicer as well.

Hi Nathan, thanks for the reply.

The latest version of Creality Slicer has the preview feature. I’m running version 4.8.2

I’ve attached two images, prepare - when adjusting settings if needed and preview, before I save.

Thanks, Fred
p.s. as I’m a new user it wont let me post multiple images so I’m joining them into one…

Did the cutter and stamp stop printing at that same height? If so, did the printer continue the motions but no filament came out - or did it stop printing as if it was done?

I should’ve said I stopped the print, the solid printing was using too much filament. But I had set the base of the stamp to only be 2mm and it was well above that.

Oh by solid you mean it was 100% infill? There are two settings that would affect that - one is the number of top and bottom layers (those will always be solid) the other is the infill percent. You can see how solid it will be inside by dragging the slicer on the right side of the sliced preview.

Thanks Nathan. The preview showed the print correctly, however it printed solid (as per the first post).

You said you stopped it though, I assume it just hadn’t gotten to the top design yet. I’m not entirely sure what you make of the fact that the bottom appeared to be taller than you expected. Perhaps try again using Cura instead of Creality Slicer.