Daisy shape changes from round to pointed when using Cooke Cad. Uploading a JPEG


I have read some posts but I couldn’t find a solution. I am making a daisy cutter, but when I make a cookie it changes the shape of the cutter, the petals are pointed, not round:

I am uploading a Jpeg.

Can you show us the original image you are uploading to CookieCad. If the original image is multi-colored, the software might be picking up a different portion of the image than what you are expecting.

Hi, Thanks. The shape looks like this:

I uploaded this image and the petals were round. Perhaps you uploaded a different image? You can also share a link directly to the cutter by clicking share, next to download.

Btw this image has a gap in the bottom petal that will cause Cookiecad to trace inside that petal. If you use this image you should close that gap first.