Design limits per file

Thanks for this site. In my first design I wanted to make a stamp with several PNG images on one stamp, Cookiecad chose the first image in the png group to use. Is what I wish to do possible or is there a method of saving as a different format to made a group stamp of B&W images. An example would be a stamp with 4 or 5 dancing cats that I could press into clay or polymer clay either solid b&w or outline

I saw another post with the same issue…Draw a line around the group.
do I draw the line in the program (PSCS2) or in cookiecad and if so since it is a stamp and I just found out that’s a subscription feature, does that line come from the edit feature, also subscription
No prob with going to the subscription, just trying to learn what’s what


Hi! In the beta we have an auto-outline feature, try it out at

Alternatively, you can draw an outline around all the shapes in an image editor before uploading.