Extend inner wall with imprint

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew how to extend just the inner wall to this cutter so it doesn’t imprint but cuts it? I’ve done it before but I’m not sure if I had to do it in another program. I am having some serious brain fog today.

Thank you!


Set imprint depth to 0:


Hello, I do not think there are such an option available here at the moment but I would love it to be added to as new feature :smiley:

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I tried that but it puts all of the imprints to the edge instead of just the inner/outer walls. I’m not sure if that made any sense! There are 4 walls and I just want the inner and outer walls to cut out and the other two to imprint.

Currently you can control the depth of the outermost wall and of all the inner walls at once. However, you can’t have some inner walls be a different height than others at the moment. If this is something you need please let us know in the feature request topic.

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