Extra Blade function not working

Hi everyone,

I have been using COOKIECAD for a longggg time and LOVE IT!

However, I have just printed two cutters, with my usual settings and the extra blade hasn’t printed on both.

I have now created the cutters again to ensure the extra blade function was set, as it always is, and it is still not working.

Does anyone know why this could have changed?

For reference, I create my initial blade as 12.5mm depth with 0.8mm thickness and extra blade has always been 11mm depth with 0.4mm thickness and never had an issue until these last two cutters.

Any help would be REALLY appreciated as I really love this function to give my cutters such a clean cut.


I have found that I can only get the extra blade when I go into experimental settings, and click on ‘offset on’ I think it is? The extra blade will then appear

Check if it is in the sliced preview in your slicer (make sure you are slicing and looking at the sliced preview not the model preview). If it is showing in Cookiecad and in the model preview but not the sliced preview then the slicer is removing it. Make sure your extra blade is 0.4 and not something really thin like 0.04. You can also try increasing the thickness.

If you are using offset in - then you need to add the blade thickness to the extra blade - so extra blade in this case would be 1.2.

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Thank you both.
Apologies for the delayed reply.
I closed everything, logged out of everything and then started everything again and it went back to normal. I’m not sure why it didn’t the first time, perhaps just a glitch.

Thank you both again!