Favourite 3d printer?

Hi everyone :relaxed:
I need to increase my capacity soon by purchasing more printers, I’m stuck on what to go for though.
For reference I am using a flashforge creator pro at the moment.
I was looking briefly at the creatly ender 3 and a few of their other printers but there is so many I’m now confused.
Any recommendations on what you have and love?
Would love to keep it around this price point as I’ll be needing to add more than 1. It’s sole purpose will be cookie cutters as well, will use the creator pro for any large printing we need to do.
Thanks :blush:

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Hi @angela.jade, I have an Ender 3 Pro V2 and I love it. Zero problems so far (knock on wood) and I made no upgrades. But they have a Max version out now that has a larger plate. I wish I had that one.

Hey…we have two Prusa’s. I know the price is not as low, but they do also make a Prusa mini which still could be used for cookie cutters. I like it for just how easy it is to use. I was new to 3d printing last year, but not to programming and was able to learn very quick about the Prusa.

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Because I’m just a novice and only use my 3D printer for cookie cutters and stamps, I have a Flashforge Finder and a Flashforge Adventurer 3. I chose both of these printers because they were literally plug and play, unlike some which you need to assemble or dismantle when something goes wrong (not interested in having to change the motherboard etc!!) .

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I’ve just stumbled across these, they do look like they are really well made, now I’m toying with the idea of waiting to afford the mini.

Thank you all for your recommendations, ahh decisions decisions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

These are very well made. Now one thing I recommend is that if you are new to 3d printing to go ahead and pay for them to assemble it…otherwise you will be assembling it yourself. My husband and I have assembled two of the big ones and it just takes a lot of time and patience. We have had to do minor maintenance on them like tighten belts, check rods and screws replace nozzels.

Olá. Eu tenho uma Delta da FLSUN Q5 e até o momento não tenho queixa. Ela tem um tamanho discreto, sua área de impressão é de 200 x200x200 mm, é rápida, silenciosa e principalmente vem semi montada, ou seja qualquer um consegue montar em menos de 30 minutos. Faço meus cortadores e miniaturas para casa de bonecas nela sem problema.

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