From image to cookiecad upload

Hi there, i am still figuring out to get my images in perfect shape. I ve done the simple way and really cut out the shapes and uploaded it into cookiecad but still you see that the lines are not smooth. :joy:May i ask which you programme you use.What painting programme is easy. Any experiences? I have an older i pad and i mac.I would be so thrilled to get help.:heart:
Did anyone try the grafic tablet from HUION Inspiroy H430P. Does that work? Or am i thinking to complicated?

Hi - where did you get the shapes from? Can you show an example where the lines are not smooth?

I can t seem to cut smooth. That is why i am looking for a more professional way maybe….kindest Tanja🤗

there are my own designs

hi, im amateur with big curiosity :slight_smile:
i try cutting the shape (looking for black paper which i don’t have, so i use black garbage bag)

put the shape into white paper, put an acrylic plate on it so there are no shadow.
take a picture and this work

Note : im looking for more professional way aswell, lol

hi happy8718, how cool is that :hugs::smiley:well done, glad you got some idea! But i learned from you to put acrylicplastik on the black paper so it won t throw shadows! :heart:Thanks! Yesterday i discovered the app procreate and actual that helps! love to you. Tanja

Hi, so the issue is that your photos are of 3d objects and as you can see the edges are not smooth in the images (there are shadows and the cutouts are bent). Cookiecad needs a well defined border so rather than cutting it out of black paper, a better way would be to draw the shape with a sharpie, felt pen or dark ink. That way it will be 2D so there are no shadows. You can always sketch in pencil then go over it in sharpie. See an example here:

The best option would be to bring your image into a free program like, or inkscape, or a drawing app like procreate, and then clean up the image there (make the background pure white and the shape pure black and make sure the edges are smooth).

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Thank you very much! I m moving forward!