Hello a few questions for the site

So, im in love with this app and ive made a lot of models of cookie cutters, a lot of them went wrong :sweat_smile: but i think im already getting the right configuration :yum: after playing with the settings a lot.

-First question: is it allowed to post the models of cookie cutters on sites like thingiverse? if so, do i need to post a link to this page or some reference?

-Second question: is it allowed to post an external link on “Share your Designs” with images i ve collected from the web like i did with “cute animals” post? I don’t want to cause any trouble for the site.

You can do whatever you like with your cutter models - we do not restrict you. You can share a link straight to your cutter as well so others can modify the size, etc. by using the share button in the Cookiecad Designer.

In general, with regards to sharing you should follow the restrictions from the original design. If the original design does not allow sharing (for example if it is a copyrighted image that you licensed) then do not share it. If the original design is your own design, or the owner allowed you to share it, then you can share it.

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