Help making a stamp

Hey guys, I had a friend ask me to make this image into a stamp. I tried but its not getting all the details of the hands into the stamp. Can anyone help? Here is the picture.

Really cool design. This seems like it would be a final exam in a cookie cad stamp designing course! I messed around with it a little and got it to work somewhat. If the designer can send you the image in black and white with black outlines and a black frame around it you will be able to make it work. Is it for a cookie? You can make the two light colored hands emboss and the two darker to deboss for the best distinction. But if they just need lines for the stamp, it needs to just all be drawn with fairly thick black lines and a black border, you can delete the border later. Hope that helps. This was a tough one.


There is not enough color contract between the gray arm and the background. You could try changing the color, but that still might not work. I guess the best way would be to convert it to an outline sketch and figure out which parts need to me embossed and which need to be debossed. This looks like a tricky project.