Help needed with Enders 3Pro & Cura

My worst nightmare has come true :sob: I had replaced my filament a few days ago with a new one, only to notice that it wasn’t printing correctly. After some time of printing piles of string Someone mentioned changing my extruder, which I did because there was a crack hidden. I replaced it and releveled the bed. I thought all was working fine but now… after creating my STL files from Cookiecad and then getting the gcode in Cura nothing is going right. I updated the software to version 5 and now something happened to my profiles. The walls to my prints are flimsy (thin and bendy or too thin it splits from the base. Any help would be appreciated or any help on settings in Cura to get my chunky cookie cutters back.

Based on your description, looks like the blade portion may be too thin. Have you tried increasing your thickness?

Thank you. I just want to cry. I had lost all of my curaprofiles and not sure what the best settings are anymore. I’ve tried adjusting but not sure if i’m making it better or worse. Printing again and the blade is split in 2. Are there any curaprofiles you could recommend?

It’s been a while but I started with this website and adjusted from there.

What is your blade thickness set to in cookiecad?
What temperature did you print that at?

What kind of filament is it? If it is silk, then that is the reason - don’t use silk PLA for cookiecutters.

Hi there. Its the same as its always been on the thickness 0.8
The temperature is at 210 and I’ve been using the same PLA filament.

I’ve decided to try Prusa, so I downloaded, but I get an error message at the bottom
(ERROR. Relative extruder addressing requires resetting the extruder position at each layer to prevent loss of floating accuracy. Add “G92 E0” to layer_gcode.

I just imported Nancy’s bundle and selected EnderPro. Am I missing something?

I’m not really sure, you’d need to ask Nancy - perhaps she hasn’t updated it for the latest PrusaSlicer.

You can probably just use the default settings for your printer. Under configuration you can run the configuration wizard and add your Ender in there. Then use those settings and you won’t get the error.