Help with printing settings

Help! Just got a new printer, Tina 2. Every time I try and print any cutters, it only prints the base and then a whole mess happens for the inner walls. I’ve used cura and wiibuilder.
Any advise?

Can you share photos? Perhaps you need to raise the temperature?

You can also join our discord for live 3d printing help, the link is pinned on top of the forum.

You might try using the setting for print thin walls in Cura.

I had the same issue. Print thin walls should be checked. Make sure your line width setting is not above the blade thickness. You may need a thinner nozzle. I tried to print 0.4mm with a 0.4mm nozzle and it never worked out for me. Then I went to a smaller nozzle and it was OK, but the quality reduced with some blobs. Still figuring it out!