Holes and what looks like splitting

Evening. I am having issues with my ender 5. It was all printing fine last week but seems to have had a wobble this week and my cutters are not finishing well. I have it set to iron all the way through but my cutters are being finished with holes and not smooth and look like they are split in some areas. I will share a photo of one printed over the weekend and then today. I haven’t changed any cura settings and I don’t know how to fix this, it’s driving me crazy. Trying to print cutters for cookie classes and I can’t sell them like this.

Most likely, you need to tighten one of the belts. If a belt is loose the nozzle can end up at a slightly different position when travelling in one direction over the other leaving a gap.

If that’s not it, then it could just be under extrusion but since you don’t see it happening in the infill and only in the perimeters it is most likely a belt issue.