How do I fix this, newbie

I have a flashforge adventurer 4.

My prints are stringy and not smooth.

If I slow the %of filiment and the speed will it help?
It’s the pla 1.75m
The stamps don’t seem that thick/solid so maybe need to up the fill amount?

Thanks I’m still learning and have only printed 3d models before.


I have done a bit of trouble shooting with my Ender 3 after getting strings like yours. First look at your temperature, try printing lower in increments of 5 degrees. I print PLA at 185.Look at retraction settings in your profile, increase the distance and speed (two separate boxes don’t get them confused!). Do this in increments until the stringing stops.

Other settings that could help:

Enable Coasting
Enable Combing

Here is a useful explainer:


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I agree - increasing retraction length should help. I haven’t found that increasing retraction speed helps. In fact, I’ve sometimes found it to make things worse if it tried to retract too fast and is unable to pull it back. Instead I would recommend leaving retraction speed at 35 and just increasing the retraction distance.

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Thanks i have changed to cura and changed setting to match what another person posted and it is working much better, now just trying to reduce the blade thickness. :slight_smile:

I have it working much better but now the top layer keeps breaking off. Everything else is ok.

Was it only weak in that spot? One possibility is that the filament got caught and couldn’t extrude for a short time. If it is weak everywhere, try increasing the temperature.

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