How to get this embossed shape

Hi Nathan & Melissa have a great day.
may i know how to get this embossed shape (attach picture)

i was trying make one but the embossed cutter is to thick and when i reduced Thicken interior features Prusa slice cant read, any advise please

it is possible to get that shape? thank you so much for your time.


Have you checked to see if you have thin walls detected check marked in the Prusa Slicer? It would help to see a picture in the slicer to see what is going on.

hi, yes thin wall detected is on and the cutting edge is thin. i make this for clay cutter.
but the embossed just not working because is to thick, need to turn Thicken interior 0.2mm otherwise Prusa cant detect.

Anyone success making this shape? please share^^

It sounds like you may want it thinner than your printer is actually capable of printing. A standard nozzle is 0.4mm, if the wall is thinner than that PrusaSlicer won’t print it. If you want it thinner than 0.4 you’ll need a smaller nozzle and then set the nozzle size in PrusaSlicer to match. If you’d like me to double check, you can click share and link your design here and I can measure the wall thickness.

Yes, i print cutter and got amazing result. thank you a ton for cookie cad.

here the link for the file.{"purchaseSize"%3A"2","cutterSize"%3A40,"sizeType"%3A"longest","interiorType"%3A"imprint","imprintDepth"%3A"3","bladeDepth"%3A"9","bladeThickness"%3A"0.3","extraBladeDepth"%3A"6","extraBladeThickness"%3A"0.6","baseHeight"%3A"2","baseWidth"%3A"3","horizontalBarWidth"%3A0,"verticalBarWidth"%3A0,"units"%3A"mm","invertInterior"%3Afalse,"offsetIn"%3Atrue,"offsetInner"%3A"0.2","forceSolidBar"%3Afalse,"mirror"%3Afalse,"removeImprintBase"%3Afalse,"stampCutterTolerance"%3A0.9,"stampBackHeight"%3A4.5,"stampImprintHeight"%3A3,"deleteOuterPath"%3Afalse,"currentStlOutputFile"%3A"451109288afc477fa73f6fb4be775e08%2050W%20V8.stl","centerBar"%3A"none","centerBarWidth"%3A0,"userSize"%3A40,"name"%3A"dfef761e43e3353a5046f6c08c42df93a31f134a"}

i just want the imprint line 0.4mm