How to make a 3D Printed Cake Topper using Cookiecad

Can someone please help. What setting do you have the 3D printer? I can’t get it to print, this is the setting I have on cookiecad

What happens when you try and print it?

Sorry for the late response and thank you for trying to help.

When I try to print the filament start to come off the bed

That sounds like a general adhesion issue. You need to make sure that your bed is level, and that your nozzle is the right distance from your bed, and that the bed is clean.

Hi Kristi, you seem to have this down. do you have any tips as to the slicer setting to print. Ive tried and my surface has a lot of separation and gaps. Theyre not smooth on top. I use Cura and PLA Thanks

Hi Nathan, do you have any tips as to the slicer setting to print. Ive tried and my surface has a lot of separation and gaps. Theyre not smooth on top. Ive asked in 2 facebook groups trying to get help as im new to 3d printing. i printed the owl test print a cookie cutter and a name keychain successfully but the cake topper is a gappy mess! I use Cura and PLA Thanks so much!

Can you share a photo of the issue?

waw waw waw niccccy .i will try it

It will only let me post 1 picture. I’m sure it’s some simple setting out of wack! I’m just new to 3d printing. I got the cookie cutters down. I just need some settings in cura so that it prints better! I’ve tried a dozen different printer profiles and made adjustments and literally tried to print it 30+ times. There’s no info anywhere on the best slicer settings to print these flat, thin cake toppers! And no one will help or answer questions! I’ve posted in numerous groups, watched dozen of videos and nothing works but I know it can be done!! Thanks so much!

Here’s another picture

Hi - which slicer did you use and what version? If you go to the sliced preview (not the model view, the preview that shows the layer lines) does it show these gaps?

Perhaps it is under extruding - you can try increasing the flow rate (cura) or extrusion multiplier (prusaslicer) by 5%.

Hi Nathan, Ive been using Cura. I got the gaps cleared up but the smoothness on the top surface is what im trying to get help with. If you have any ideas about that Id sure appreciate it! Thanks so much!

The best smoothness is on the bottom surface - so one option is to mirror it or flip it face down and print it that way.

You can try the slicer feature called ironing.
You can also try reducing extrusion rate as it may be over extruding.
The paths on the top layer with rectilinear infill can go in either direction causing some of the artifacts. Using monotonic infill on the top layers will resolve that.

I will try these suggestions, thanks so much!

good day all. Very new this. how do you create the legs for the topper?

Hey @flavorforthesoul…the legs are created in your design software. I use Silhouette to design my images. I just add some lines to it to create the legs.

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Which program do you use for drawing topper before Tinkercad? if u don’t mind I ask

What font are you using please? I am really new and not been successful to edit the text on the happy birthday topper, but have also tried to import several text images from text generator sites and it’s cut off half the text. Can someone explain the simplest way to edit a template or where there font is from please? Step by step :slight_smile:

Is it possible to modify the text? I’m really new and struggling without a video tutorial

With the instructions above you would write the text in an image before uploading. However, we just released a cake topper maker! Choose it in the drop down on then you can enter custom text.