How to make a 3D Printed Cake Topper using Cookiecad

Hi, would really like a cake topper feature and to place 2 legs running down to stand into the cake
ie: Happy 21st Birthday
thanks Marietta (love this Cookiecad!!)

Hey Marietta,
I am not sure how you design your images, but I have found that after creating them I save them as an SVG. That then allows me to use Tinkercad to create a cake topper with the posts. I would be happy to help.

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If you add the legs to your SVG you should be able to use the Cookiecad stamp to create the cake topper. I’ll try it and see if it works.

That would be awesome. That would then save me a step. I will try it out as well.

It worked! I’ll look into adding an official way to do this but here are the settings to do it now:

Imprint Cutter
Blade thickness: 0.01
Imprint depth: 0
Blade depth: 2 (or however thick you want the cake topper)
Handle width and height: 0.01

and there you go:

Here is the link to that happy birthday cake topper if you want to see it and play with it for yourself


Wonderful…this is super awesome!!!

Looks great…my job has just gotten a bit easier. Appreciate it!!!


I really want to make these as well, can you tell me the best way to create the svg file? I create many of my cutters in cricut design space and then use cookie cad and cura for my slicer, but I don’t think I can access the file from DS, right?

omg. i did it. Nevermind…i just need to add the pick and I’ve got it!!! Yay!!! Thank you!

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Great! For anyone else wondering, export it as a PNG instead of SVG or you may be able to screenshot it and save that as an PNG.

@sugarmona Please share some photos of your work once its done, this is a a really fun new use for Cookiecad!


I didn’t write down my cookie cutter settings I’ve been using and now they are gone.
UPDATE: I just opened another window and they came back! I got it. In case anyone is wondering, mine are set to: blade thickness 0.8, blade depth 12.5, handle height 3.5, and handle width 4

@sugarmona Those are the default cookiecad settings, those aren’t for cake toppers. I shared my cake topper settings above. If you do make a cake topper we’d love to see photos :relaxed:

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Here are some I have done. I design mine in Silhouette software and then save as PNG. I was importing into tinkercad to finish, but now I am doing them in cookiecad. Makes it easier.


I feel silly. Thank you for letting me know. I was having a day yesterday, my brain was overloaded.

I know that feeling well!

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It looks great!!! You did a great job!!


What fonts are you using?

I usually go to and start looking. If I know I want a fancy type looking font I may start with wedding fonts and go from there. If you google fonts you will find so many sites to look at.

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Sadly Circuit DS doesn’t allow you to export the svg. But, Silhouette Studio does. You could try and screen shot your design in CDS then use a file converter app. Change your jpeg to an svg then save. It’s a work around but the fastest and easiest way I can think to do it with a CDS design.