Imprint cutter with cutout

Hello! I just started using cookiecad and am a big fan so far. I have a cutter that needs both an imprint and a cut out in it and I can’t figure out what to do.

I want the black space to be open, and the teeth lines to be imprinted.

There isn’t a feature to add both imprint and cutout directly. You could make a cutout cutter and a stamp, use the cutout cutter to cut, then the stamp to imprint. This would work like a two piece cutter + stamp, just make them separately. In order to make the cutout cutter, fill in everything except the black center and leave that as a hole - then choose imprint cutter and check “edges only”.

If you need to have it all in one you could try saving both STLs, then bringing the stamp and the cutout cutter into and joining them into one piece in CADit.

Thankyou for the feedback I guess this is a feature I would like to see possible in cookiecad