Issue with base of cutter, HELP PLEASE!

Hello all, I need your help as you can see the photo that I took. (It’s not from google or anything😂)

As the white cutter is the one I bought from a business who makes clay cutter but on the left is mine. I am having trouble making it look good on the base.

I’m using PLA matte filament, 1.75mm from spider maker.

My extruder temp is 230 and bed temp is 60.

Also using FlashPrint 5 as I have Falshforge Adventurer 4.

Please heeeellllllpppppppppppp.

Your nozzle is too far from the bed, you need to bring it closer. Watch the first layer print, if the lines aren’t touching it is too far, bring it closer until your first layer lines touch and very slightly squish into each other.

If you want the holes in the base like in that photo you can use experimental settings → remove base under imprint.