Maybe a bug? Profile & Size Selector

I was wondering why some of my prints were not what I expected. Then I finally realized that when I open an image from the library, the app opens up, my preferred profile is selected but it still has the default settings.

I have to click on the profile and select it and then it shows up properly.

Second Issue -
I selected the size for 2.5 inches. The circle and the altered circle should both be 2.5 inches. The when I opened the file the altered circle (3 items) was larger than the circle - I downloaded it 3 times, Longest, width & height. All 3 were larger than the circle.

The smallest size for the altered circle is 80x89

The circle was 68x68

68x68 is closest to 2.5 inches, 80x89 is closest to 3-3.5

I need to make this a set. I want a cut out of a full circle and then the cut out of the 3 pieces so I can put them on top of the circle.
Blue will be the base and black will be on top of blue.


Can you share links to the cutters you said weren’t the right sizes? Click share next to download.


Circle Parts

The “circle parts” are a set of cutters. When making a set of cutters, you set the size of the largest cutter of the set and the rest size proportionally (the size setting changes to say “Size of largest”). So it is make the largest of the three cutters 2.75 inches wide. The entire set will obviously be larger.

It sounds like you are trying to create a cutter set that includes the three pieces plus the circle. If so, add the circle to your original image sized proportionally so that all four of your items are in one image. Then when you set the size to 2.75 it will set the circle to that size and the other parts will automatically size correctly matching your source image.

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But I can’t print 4 pieces - Or the cutter won’t populate 4 pieces. Unless there is a way to do it. I initially tried that - But I could not get it to be 4 pieces.

This is the cut file for the circle and 3 parts together.

Is that image what you uploaded? Make the circle black.

Make the circle black and the shapes white? I will try it.

Make the shapes you want to be cutters black. The other shapes are already black so it’s using those. The circle is light colored so it’s viewing it as background. It will be less confusing if you change the image so there is only black and white.

If I make all the shapes and the circle black - it would just be one black circle



No make a separate circle and put it next to your other shapes not around it.

LOL, ah ok
I will try that