Missing all carprojects

I saved several cadit projects yesterday and in the evening I closed the computer, now when I opened the computer all my dacit projects have disappeared. Is this really real?


If you saved them they should still be there. The program is in an early state and so there may be glitches, we’re working on the saving. I’m really sorry if you lost any work!

Try clicking the hamburger menu icon in the top left of the screen, then “Open CADit Project” and see if you can find it there. Make sure you are in the same browser and profile that you were in when you saved it.

A safer way to save is to download the CADit file to your computer. Then you can open it by clicking open CADit project and then browsing your computer.

I’d love to hear more about how you are using CADit and how we can improve it for you. Please feel free to reach out to nathan at cookiecad dot com or join our discord: discord.cookiecad.com.