Multi Mini Cutters

Hello all! Has anyone successfully made a multi cutter? I am trying to make a mutli square cutter for mini square cookies. I need help!

You would make an image with all the squares you want attached. You can use the free, free inkscape or silhouette studio or procreate for iPad. It should be pretty easy to do in inkscape or - just make sure all the walls are the same thickness.

In Cookiecad choose imprint cutter and set imprint depth to 0. You’ll probably need to do a little trial and error with the experimental settings → thicken interior to get the inner lines the right thickness so they cut nicely. Here is a discussion about that.

Do you know how to get rid of the outer edge?

There is no way with edges only. The same settings will apply to both the inside blades and the outer blade. If instead of filled in shapes you use a line drawing, then you can turn edges only off. Then you would set imprint depth to 0 and set blade thickness to 0 or 0.001 and the outer edge won’t print. The downside is that you might need to do a little trial and error to get the interior lines the right thickness.

hi Nathan, do all the shapes have to be touching, ive been trying to do circle multi cutters

At the moment the shapes either need to be touching - or you need an outline around them to make them one shape. I will look into removing that restriction.

Thankyou for help, I am loving cookie cad

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Just to update this thread - the images no longer need to be touching! We now have a feature for multi-cutters which will work with separated images: New Feature - Cutter sets, puzzle cutters and multi cutters! - #7 by debbie.isgro

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