Need Help With CURA Seams Please

I still have an issue with Cura. I print the cutters with 0.2 nozzle and cutters wall thickness is 0.4mm. They come out really sharp and strong but all the problem is they have dots everywhere and that effects the clay. Whatever I did I couldn’t stop Cura leaving seams on cutters. I also tried the on PrusaSlicer. They came out perfect but was super week also.
Can anyone help?

Hi, please post a photo of the issue you would like help with.

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Those little dots stay on the printed cutter also and makes a horrible effect on clay.

Did you set the nozzle diameter in Cura to be 0.2? Make sure your line thickness is also set to 0.2.

You may also need to turn on ‘thin wall detection’ in cura.

The issue here is that Cura has created a single wall for your cutter - and Cura is not very good at that. If the nozzle diameter / wall thickness in cura is set to 0.2 then it should create two walls each 0.2 and that may help.

I tried a million combinations but could never made super clean and smooth ones with Cura. After a long search I made it with PrusaSlicer 2.4 and here are the settings for seamless, clean and sharp (wall thickness 0.4mm) prints with 0.2 nozzle.
I hope that will help anyone who seeks this.

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Thank you for sharing!

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