New Beta Version LOVE

Just wanted to say I tried to new Beta version last night on a cookie cutter and I love it! Really love the chamfered edge as this will help with the mutitude of letter/number cutters I print to cut decorations for my cakes from modelling paste. Loving the rounded handle, looks fab! Thank you for continually adding new options, it’s great and is all so easy to use.


1000% agree LOVE LOVE LOVE

What is your settings for the cutter if you don’t mind me asking? Mine is blade 17.5 and .55, extra blade 15.5 1.05 and I don’t know what to put as the sharp blade…

All the cutters I make in BETA say not watertight in CURA… What could I be doing wrong?

@mrsvb78 @loriavargo thank you so much!

@burnett6 - the sharp blade is currently available in the beta at

@sucorra Do they slice and print fine? If so, that shouldn’t be an issue.