New Feature - Cutter sets, puzzle cutters and multi cutters!

Today we have a really exciting and log awaited new feature! Now you can create cutter sets, multi cutters and puzzles! You’ll find the option in the “Thing to make” dropdown on

Cutter set - Puzzle Cutter

Let’s dive right in! We’re going to make this three piece cutter set. Two puzzle pieces and one small heart cutter. Lower down I’ll show you how to make a one piece multi-cutter.


  1. To start we will need three shapes separated.

  2. Next upload it to Cookiecad Designer and from “Thing to make” select “Cutter set”.

Cookiecad now makes our cutter set with the pieces sized proportionally!


When making a cutter set, the size you set will be the size of the largest cutter. The others will then be sized proportionally to the proportions in your image.

If you are making a cutter set don’t put the shapes too close to each other or the handles will overlap. We may let you arrange the items in a future update - for now you’ll have to separate them in your image.

Once you download the STL in order to arrange it on your bed, or print them one at a time in the slicer you’ll need to separate the objects.

In PrusaSlicer just click the "separate to objects" button in the menu. Click for screenshot


In Cura you can use meshtools. Click to learn how.

Click marketplace, then meshtools and install it.(You’ll need to restart Cura afterwards)

After that right click, click mesh tools and split object to parts:

Now you can manipulate the objects independently, arrange them on the bed or print them one at a time.

Multicutter - A single cutter that cuts multiple shapes

Create an image with multiple shapes tiled with a small space between them. (Inkscape is a great free tool for this. In Inkscape open your image and click Edit → Cone → create tiled clone.) Here is an example:

Now upload to Cookiecad and select “Cutter Set” just like we did above. Since these are close together
the handles overlap creating a single cutter.


The size setting will be the size of a single bone.

Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you make with this! I’d love if you can share photos here in the community once you’ve tried this out.


OMG you guys are legends, will be trying this out this weekend

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Just did a test with a set of Sonic and this is AWESOME!!! Ya’ll ROCK!!


Awesome! This works great for letter cutters too.


could you post a photo of your letter cutters please .

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Here are the actual cutters used for a gamer cake with the text “Level 10 Game On” on the side of the cake.

I use the site to find fonts that work with the theme of the cake. The font I use most often is the Waltograph font.

And the Peace Sans font is useful too…

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they look great hun, thank you for posting x

Where do you find the images for these cutter designs?

Hello Nathan, I love all the new features! just wondering if you can recommend a program to seperate the shapes like you have here? also wondering if you know of a program that can automatically draw outlines? currently I draw them in myself using procreate but would love something simpler. Thank you!


Lol, I did not read all of this but I will when I try it out. Thanks for being very thorough! I can not wait to try it out.

You can do both of those in inkscape, which is free. In inkscape you can add an offset path effect to create outlines. It is really useful once you get the hang of it.

Hi Nathan, what do you save it as in inkscape that is compatible with cookiecad

Go to File → Export PNG image

Then under image size, put 1000 for the larger of width or height

Then export the png and upload that.

Hi Nathan. I successfully created the multi cutter I want in Inkscape but I can’t find my png file to upload into CookieCad. Do you know if it takes a while to save? It has an unfamiliar icon next to it. I will check back, maybe it is still saving. Thank you

When you are in inkscape to export the png you can see in the box where it is saving it. Make sure to hit the export button - then you can go to that location in file explorer to find it. Or you can change the place inkscape is putting it and tell it to put it somewhere where you will know to find it.

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How do I make my images seperate?

Do you mean in the slicer? In Prusa Slicer click the split to objects option in the menu. In Cura, install the mesh tools plugin, then right click and click separate parts.