New Feature: Practice Cookies!

We just released a new feature on Cookiecad - practice cookies! If you want to work on your cookie design without having to bake and waste lots of cookies, you can print a reusable practice cookie instead. These are also useful for decorating classes. If you need to redo the design, just wipe the cookie and start again. You can find the new option in the “What do you want to make” dropdown - just choose practice cookie.

The practice cookie will print on its back like this:

Once it prints, flip it over to decorate:


Let me know what you think of this new feature. If you try it, please post a photo - I love to see what you make with Cookiecad!


That looks very neat!

Hmmm, I am thinking that I may be able to use the practice cookie for jewelry. It looks like a bezel. I will try it out when I get a chance.

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That’s an amazing feature. Is it a fixed setting or can we toggle with the depth?

You just want everything don’t you! :grin: Just kidding - currently it is fixed but we’ll add adjustable depth shortly.

This is awesome! I’m printing one right now! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

So… how did it turn out?

Can you make a feature for Cake pop Molds?

Hmmm I wonder if you could do this now. I feel like you could except for the handle.

What are your specifications for cake pop molds?