Not printing right

Why is printing printing like this,only does it in this area as it wasn’t before and my filament not attaching plate properly

That weak spot is underextusion. The hotend is unable to create proper pressure after travelling and so for the first little bit it comes out weak until it finally builds up pressure for the rest of the layer. Here is more information on the problem How to fix under extrusion after travel.

Since it started recently, it is is either caused by a clog, or by a bowden gap, which is something that happens to all creality printers after some number of hours of printing. Here is more about that: How to fix under-extrusion caused by bowden gap. Check the link but the short version is that you need to clean, possibly trim and reseat the bottom of the bowden tube so that there is a tight seal between it and the hot end.

Thankyou so much for that, I’ll look into it, I’m looking at buying another printer so I have two, what would you recommend as the I have is out of stock everywhere

Here is a thread on that: Favourite 3d printer?.