Outer and inner line. how to reduce/ remove the gap

hello the community
i’m using cookiecad but i still have few issues.
First i have most of the time big inner line.
i plat with blade thickness and imprint thickness but still have this inner.
i would like to have only an outer line like i may have if i’m using delete outer edge.
Do you have a solution for that?
My second issue is with the center bar. Why can i select where should start the bar from x or y dimension?
Sorry i can’t add picture to the post.
Thanks for your help.

You should be able to use delete outer edge to get rid of the inner imprint line. Can you share an example where delete outer edge is not working?

For the center bar, you can make it larger until it catches any pieces that are floating but you can’t move it. If you want to make a custom bar where you choose the X and Y you can do that in CADit. If you go to docs.cookiecad.com, under Cookiecad designer there is a guide for how to make a custom bar using CADit.