Outline is adding extra piece

Why is this happening to the outline? and how do I get rid of it?

I think it’s because when I export (coreldraw) to jpeg or png…it’s making jagged edging…but in corel it’s nice and smooth? So…how do I get the png smooth so the cutter will outline smooth?

Instead of exporting from Coreldraw, I use the Windows Snipping Tool. I just zoom into CorelDraw so the image fits the screen, do a screen capture using the Snipping Tool, save as a JPEG, and then import the saved image into CookieCad. That way what you see on the Coreldraw screen is exactly what gets imported into CookieCad.


When you export to PNG, what is the width and height in pixels? If you can, select 1,000 pixels for the larger dimension.

If there is an anti-alias option, turn it off. Anti-aliasing makes the edges fuzzy.