Perfect Cutters (My Slicer Settings)

These are the settings I use to print with the default CookieCAD STL settings. They have been coming out perfect. Nice & Sturdy


Settings for what slicer?

I have an Alta - which uses Silhouette 3D. But you can try the settings in any slicer and customize it if you have any issues with the print.

Now that I am using Cura as a slicer - I found even better settings - making PERFECTO COOKIE CUTTERS

FYI - for my blade I use .4 or .6, .8 seems to be too thick for me. I cut clay not cookies…


do your clay cutters come out sharp?

Yes they do print sharp. I usually clean the edges up with a bit of acetone to make sure it is really smooth

Trying these settings. This is driving me crazy!

Are these for imprint cutters as I’m having a nightmare with cura not filling gaps and creating spaces.