Practice Cookie to Cookie Cutter

Is there a way to make both a practice cookie and cookie cutter so that it is an “all in one”?

Hi, can you explain what you mean by all in one - how would that work?

You can make a practice cookie - download the STL, the switch to cutter and download that.

A practice cookie that also has the cookie cutter blades on it so that you don’t have to print each one separately. Or a cookie cutter that has a closed flat top on it to also use as the practice cookie.

You can do that, although a completely sealed cutter like that may not work so well because without air holes the dough can get suctioned inside and may be difficult to remove. To make something like that, select a regular cutter - then set the center bar to be larger than the cutter width. Turn on experimental settings → “force solid bar” that will ensure your back is solid.